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God said:   "You must not covet."

       "But Lord, why should other people have all the high-paying jobs, fine houses, beautiful furniture, expensive cars, exotic trips, fashionable clothes? I just want my share."

God said:  "You must not commit adultery."

       "But Lord, it wasn't my fault. The way he (or she) came on to me, I just couldn't resist. Besides, I wouldn't have sexual urges if you hadn't made me that way. I know you commanded marriage, but that involves financial and legal obligations. I'm not ready for that, yet. I'm just trying to be sure my partner and I are compatible before I commit to marriage."

God said:  "You must not steal."

     "But Lord, I don't think of it as stealing when I just juggle a few figures to lessen my tax burden a little. After all, our government wastes billions of dollars on projects of which I don't approve. My little bit won't make any difference. Everyone hates to pay taxes; don't they?"

God said:  "You must not lie."

    "But Lord, that's one thing I never do. Maybe I don't always tell the whole truth, but what I say is far as it goes. I never lie."

God said:  "You must not kill."

    "But, Lord, this is war. Those people hate us! Those who want to kill all good Christians. If they get all the materials and learn how to make our atomic bomb and our other weapons of mass destruction, it will be disastrous for us."

God said:  "You must have no other gods before me."

    "Please excuse me, Lord. It is time for my favorite television program. But I will get back to you before long. I'm sure you understand."       

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