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Philippians 4: 10

Though asserting that God would take care of him, the apostle Paul "rejoiced greatly" for the generosity and concern of the Philippian congregation for him. He cited a new opportunity as the reason they could express again their long-lasting concern for him.

A Christian lady shared her regret that she once had an opportunity to give to the Lord much more than she presently could, but she let the opportunity pass. Now she planned to use her present opporunity to give all she could. "I love Him too much to do less."

Opportunity missed often brings regret. Opportunity taken brings relief. What opportunities are available to you to express your Christian concern? What opporunities to give generously do you have to provide ministries to others? Maybe the best opportunity you will ever have to give is now. Seizing your opportunity will enable others to rejoice greatly and provide you with a sense of having the wisdom and the insight to see the opportunity God has given you.

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